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Martin Davis.

Co-Owner of Muscle ‘N Motion, Martin has a sports background in rugby and middle distance running which progressed into track sprinting. His love for strength training took off at a very young age when he put together a homemade squat rack and other equipment in his home shed as a teenager. Through his experience growing up, he quickly realised that possessing speed as a young player was a determent to skill development and soon saw athletes of his calibre quickly surpass him in skills. This sparked his interest into pursuing strength and conditioning in college.
In college, Martin took up Olympic lifting at a late age in life but quickly began to see the benefits and the humbleness of the movement’s complexities. He fell in love with the sport and began to practice it more and more competing in a number of National competitions.
Martin currently competes in Irish Crossfit competitions and thoroughly enjoys the competitiveness and randomness aspects of the sport. It requires a jack of all trades and master of none approach. A little like what he used do in his teenage years at home. He finds the programming for this quite interesting.
Martin is in charge of the class programming as well as Olympic lifting at Muscle ‘N Motion. He has built up experience in programming and has worked with youths from club level to academy Provincial level in rugby as well as track and field.
Martin aims to complete his dissertation at postgraduate level in the future once he has found a topic he thoroughly enjoys. At the moment he is happy out coaching and helping all individuals achieve these goals.

Martin plans to further her knowledge in rehabilitation by pursing a accelerated MSc in Physiotherapy in 2022.

  • M.Sc. in Sports Performance
  • BB Recreation & Sport Management (Hons) Degree, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Weightlifting Ireland Level 1 Coaching Cert
  • Sports Taping & Strapping Course Cert (IMST)
  • Jacked Gymnastics Advanced Course